Palma.— All political parties taking part in the forthcoming elections on 22nd May are resorting to traditional means of capturing the attention of the public.

Although Facebook and Twitter are now commonplace means of spreading information, a good old-fashioned poster at a bus stop is still being used as a prime means of letting people know who they should be voting for.

A different tack
During the pre-election campaigns, it has been the Majorcan Socialists (PSM) who have stood out from the crowd with their innovative way of advertising their party through handing out small pieces of traditional ceramic work promoting their members and policies. The idea was first introduced a decade ago by Jaume Moncadas and remains as popular today with the public as it did those many years ago.

Everywhere though, it is evident that there is not as much spending during this campaign as there has been in other years. Most parties are staying well away from costly, elaborate displays - knowing that any signs of lavish spending will be subject to future suspicion. The Partido Popular, for example, have not contracted the massive wall space in the Avenidas in Palma which they have used for their advertising in the past.

Nevertheless, over the next 15 days the public will be confronted with friendly faces smiling out at them from posters, soliciting the locals' vote on 22nd May.