Palma. — The detainee has been arrested on 13 previous occasions, the National Police confirmed yesterday and that he is being held on five charges of robbery with violence, an attempted murder and an assault on a policeman.

A Guardia Civil source close to the case said that the arrest had been made after members of the Robbery Squad had been investigating a robbery which had been committed with violence and intimidation at a property in the Palma suburb of Corea. The trail of devastation apparently led the officers to Antonio A.F.

The West Palma Police Commisary also attributed three other robberies with violence, in Calle Felipe II, Plaza Madrid and the Paseo Maritimo to the same man.

Attempted murder ...
The police also claim Antonio A.F. was implicated in an incident in Palma on 21st November last year in which he allegedly attempted to kill one or more Local Police officers.The officers had noticed that a driver was making strange vehicle manoeuvres and when they tried to arrest him, he apparently tried to run them down, then fled the scene in his car, dragging with him one of the police motorcycles which was trapped underneath.

It was not, said police sources, the first time that the culprit had fled from forces of law and order. He frequently hid in the notorious suburb of son Banya where he assaulted drug addicts, robbing them with violence and intimidation.