Palma.—It is still early days for the Summer season but Magalluf is already in the spotlight.
The street prostitutes are back to their old tricks, one being detained last week after two British tourists carried out a citizens arrest after she assaulted another holiday maker with a bottle and tried to steal his wallet.

And now, a mass brawl which police sources said involved at least 35 British holiday makers has been posted on Youtube.
The fight broke out in the early hours of Friday morning in one of the strip's most popular pubs.
According to the police and eyewitness, two groups of British holiday makers had been intimidating one another all night and what began as an exchange of insults suddenly exploded into a mass brawl which, as the Youtube film shows, bottles, chairs and tables being hurled across the terrace of the bar and out into the street.

A handful suffered minor injuries and received medical attention at the scene while one suffered a severe blow to the head after being struck with a table.

Units from the Local Police and the Guardia Civil were on the scene within under five minutes.
Erupted in violence
As soon as the police were heard, the brawling tourists began to flee the scene as the situation began to return to normal while those that remained, turned down the opportunity to press charges.

According to eyewitnesses, after the gangs began initially hurling insults at each other, one of them was suddenly struck with a bottle and the pub's terrace erupted in violence sending innocent bystanders running for safety. The incident came just days after the Guardia Civil and the Local Police in Calvia put their Summer security campaign in to operation and over the coming days, the number of police in the resort and on stand by should incidents like this occur again, is going to be significantly stepped up.