By Humphrey Carter

BALEARIC environmental group GOB warned yesterday that the central government's national plan to combat jellyfish this summer is not going to be effective enough.

As the Bulletin reported last week, large parts of the Mediterranean are still waiting for the necessary resources to mount the campaign but GOB said yesterday that, when the equipment and materials does arrive, the measures will be too little and too late.

The Council of Minorca agrees with GOB. The experts do not believe that the Balearics will be swamped by more jellyfish than last year but the Minorcan councilor for the environment, Raul Escandell, complained yesterday that every summer, central government wastes thousands of euros on ineffective ways of combating jellyfish.

The main problem is that over fishing has killed off most of the jellyfish's predators and the rise in sea temperatures caused by global warming is helping the jellyfish breed extremely rapidly, the minister explained. GOB's Miguel Camps said that he understands precise and effective action being taken “to make sure that during the height of the tourist season, people, can go swimming. “But, paying fishermen thousands of euros every summer to go and catch jellyfish is neither a long term nor acceptable solution,” Camps said yesterday.