Palma.—The leader of the opposition Partido Popular, Jose Ramon Bauza, yesterday unveiled his tourism manifesto for the May 22 local elections .
It may have impressed the electorate and the tourist industry, but it did not go down well with current President, Francesc Antich, who hit back accusing the PP of having been more concerned about the property market than tourism when in government.

But, the Bulletin knows that the PP has been in close consultation with all sectors of the tourist industry while drawing up its policies and they will be well received.

For example, if elected, Bauza pledged to lobby central government to reduce IVA (VAT) for the tourist industry from the current eight percent to four and that port and airport taxes be slashed by 50 percent.

He also said that his party is fully committed to pushing ahead with the reformation of the Playa de Palma, a project, he claimed, the current Socialist led coalition government is now incapable of getting off the ground.

During his election address at the Almudaina Palace, he said that the region's tourism model is outdated and “worn out” and that a new plan for the future is needed and one with the full support and involvement of the private sector.

He said that the Balearics can no longer afford to be dependent on the economic situations in Great Britain and Germany or political unrest in competing holiday destinations, he stressed that the Balearics needed a solid tourism model.

Matriculation tax
Antich however claimed that his government has done more for tourism than any other since coming to power. “They will not be able to do any more than we have if elected,” Antich proclaimed. But Bauza has not only been examining and analysing the problems of land-based tourism, he has been in close consultation with the nautical industry about how to make the maximum of the industry's potential, both professionally and recreational and another battle he intends to wage with central government is for the reduction or scrappage of the 12 percent matriculation tax for yachts over eight metres in length.