Palma—In Roman times they were feared fighters whose services were always in deman , and now a sculpture by Jaume Mir of an Hondero Balear or Balearic Slingshot, guards the sea entrance to the Majorcan home of best selling writer Lord Jeffrey Archer.

The author of Kane and Abel and the Fourth Estate was introduced to the work of Jaume Mir, who died last year, quite recently but was suitably impressed and purchased one of his “Slingshot” sculptures and a miniature earlier this year.

The sculptor's son, who shares the same name as his father, helped Lord Archer find the perfect place for the “Slingshot.” It is an ideal position for the piece of art work because it is right on top of the cliffs with breathtaking views of the Majorcan coastline as a backdrop.

The “Slingshots” were used by the Romans because of their great accuracy with their crude but lethal weapons. They also helped guard Majorca from attacks by pirates and corsairs. Jaume Mir has helped bring these tremendous and feared local fighters to life.

An exhibition of work of Jaume Mir is now taking place at the Can Prunera Museum of Modern Art in Soller.
It is entitled “The Development of the Idea.”