A swarm of bees led to the pool area at the Hotel Playa in Camp de Mar being closed off to guests on Monday while a local farmer was called in to remove the swarm which formed a hive weighing over two kilos under one of the sun shades. The first bee was spotted by the mostly British guests just after lunch but more bees followed and quickly formed a hive under the parasol.
The hotel manager called the police at 3pm and, after inspecting the scene, the pool area was closed off and a local farmer called.
The hotel manager said that all of the guests and employees remained calm, which is primarily why no one was stung and praised everyone for their behaviour. However two curious guests were warned off by the hotel manager for getting too close while many of the guests got as close as possible to take pictures of the extremely rare event. But, apart from the bees, the big surprise and attraction was the local farmer who took the bees away.
While everyone was expecting a bee keeper wearing protective clothing to turn up, the farmer merely arrived equipped with a box, but no protection.
Nevertheless, he quickly went about the task of removing the bees. The British holidaymakers, some of whom were concerned that none of the bees were killed while a few others were a bit worried for their own safety, watched in amazement. The whole operation took about two hours and by 5pm, the British tourists were back lazing around the pool and swimming.