THE Balearic Government is not in a position to predict a fall in unemployment next year but does believe that the economy continues being “dynamic”.
The Minister for Employment and Training, Margarita Nájera, speaking during yesterday's session of the Balearic Parliament, told deputies that the economy was continuing to grow and create jobs, thanks to the intervention of both the public and private sectors.

Nájera said that 24'000 people had been registered with the social security system in the previous month, less than in 2006 and 2007.
However, she attributed this to the fact that the previous PP Government had “overheated” the economy.
While failing to specify which of the PP's investments were “suitable or not”, she did make mention of the “extraordinary” amount of 70 million euros that the metro had gone over budget. She added that more people had been registered with social security than in 2005, a sign that the economy was continuing to “work”, albeit at a slower pace.

Najera outlined the number of initiatives taking place to put in place programme to create jobs and help social cohesion.
She was responding to criticism from Jaime Tadeo of the PP who called on the Executive to acknowledge the “crisis” in the Balearic economy and who lamented the fact that no measures had been taken to cushion the slowdown.

Another PP deputy, Cristóbal Huguet, said that the unemployment figures for last month were the highest in 12 years. “The citizens are waiting for an assessment that moves away from criticising the Executive of Jaime Matas,” he said.
Najera said that the Government was working “intensely” to alleviate the Balearics' economic woes.