Staff Reporter

A group of residents in Son Ferrer in Calvia have collected as many as 3'000 signatures to demand better healthcare facilities.
The group, lead by Socorro Cabanas, has lodged the collection with the Balearic government in Palma in the hope that their campaign will reach the ears of regional President, Francesc Antich.

The residents are claiming that resources are so minimal at the health centre in Son Ferrer, a town of some 6'000 people, that it is quite usual to have to wait up to 2 weeks for an appointment to see a General Practitioner. There are two GPs, two nurses and an administration assistant at the centre. Patients are saying that this wait is too long for those who need to be seen promptly, and that there are many children in the “queue.” Apparently, appointments are given only four days a week in the morning.

One of the residents' basic demands is that the centre remain open from 8am-9pm from Monday to Friday.