Palma.—The accident occurred at 12.45pm along the stretch of road between the Son Castello industrial estate roundabout and the traffic lights at the roundabout in front of the prison.

Two people were hurt in the accident and it was the 61-year-old motorcyclist who suffered the most severe injuries and was rushed to a Palma clinic for treatment.

The second victim who was admitted to Son Espases Hospital was the 41-year-old driver of the private vehicle involved.
No passengers
Fortunately, the bus was not carrying any passengers otherwise, according to emergency service sources, the list of victims would have been much longer and there could have been possible fatalities.

The taxi was completely written off as a result of the accident while the private vehicle and the bus escaped relatively lightly.
Within minutes, traffic was thrown in to total chaos along the Soller road with a number of vehicles getting trapped among the debris and vehicles involved in the pileup.

The Local Police first on the scene immediately closed one of the lanes of traffic and cordoned off the accident area so that medical team and fire fighters could get to the damaged vehicles.

Emergency services
The emergency services remained at the scene for over an hour while long tail backs built up.
Eventually, large cranes were able to remove the damaged vehicles and by just after 2pm, traffic returned to normal as accident investigators moved in to begin trying to ascertain what caused the accident.