THE Cava Institute held a tasting of these sparkling wines at the Balearic Catering School yesterday.
The director of the event, aimed at the first year students on the International Hotel Management course, was Joan Rovira Grau, member of the Catalan Wine Experts Association. This tasting is one of the activities in a three year communication campaign, co financed by the European Union and the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which the Cava Institute is carrying out in Spain on behalf of Europe, with the objective of spreading the knowledge of cava by demonstrating all its possible uses. First, there was a brief explanation of the wines and then the tasting started, with a total of 12 cavas divided into three distinct groups.
In the first group there were those with a maximum maturing time of 24 months which included Brut Nature, Brut, and Semi, which is sweeter. In the second group, dedicated to maturing, both young cavas and those with a longer maturing time were tasted. In the third group were special cavas such as those fermented in barrels, or rosé cavas. The Cava Institute is a professional association formed by 80 producers, representing 90 percent of the total producers of cava and 99 percent of the exporters of cava.