A LIMITED edition commemorative stamp is being produced on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Balearic Parliament.
In total, the Parliament will distribute 3'500 stamps. Of these 3'000 will be sent out alongside invitation to a ceremony that will commemorate the anniversary. The remaining 500 will be shared among philatelists in the Balearics.

The President of the Balearic Parliament, Maria Antònia Munar, launching the stamp yesterday, handed over a set of postmarked stamps to the President of the Balearic Federation of Philatelic Societies (Febasofi), Andreu Carles López. Munar emphasised the importance of the initiative for the islands' image.

The stamps will carry the logo of the Parliament's 25th anniversary commemorations, which has been designed by Ana María Pérez, winner of a competition held last December. Munar also symbolically postmarked an envelope - the first letter to be officially sent using the new stamp - in the presence of an official from the Post Office.

Prior to the presentation of the stamp, Febasofi held its annual general meeting in the Parliament.
Lopez said he felt “very proud” to have participated in “so charming” a ceremony. He also pointed to the importance of the stamps in promoting the Balearics.