ARSONISTS set fire to a rubbish skip in the Palma suburb of Secar de la Real in the early hours of yesterday morning, Emergency services reported.
Firemen were on the move at 2.30am to extinguish the blaze which had destroyed the container and was threatening to take hold of a number of cars parked alongside.

A first inspection of the scene by Local Police uncovered a bottle containing traces of petrol underneath one of the cars, very close to the skip.
It became increasingly clear that the fire was the result of arson. Further evidence emerged soon after when police visited a petrol station at Can Valero. Here, an attendant claimed that some hours previously, two young men had filled a plastic bottle with petrol at the station. The bottle matched the description of the one found close to the blazing container.

The CCTV cameras at the petrol station appear to have picked up the suspects on screen with the result that police are anticipating early arrests.