THE sign that a shopkeeper in Alcudia put outside his shopfront prohibiting “dogs and Romanians” has been condemned by the Balearic Government as reminiscent of some of the saddest periods of 20th century history.

Albert Moragues, the Head of the Balearic President's Department, yesterday expressed his profound sorrow at the moral damage done to the Romanian community in the Balearics.

Moragues was speaking minutes before a lunch in Palma in honour of the islands' consular corps to mark Europe Day.
He also emphasised that the Balearic Government would not tolerate “execrable” actions such as those in Alcudia and said neither citizens of Europe or any other region would be discriminated against because of their nationality. He said that the Government would take relevant action against such shameful conduct and not allow it to happen again.

Moragues said that the real Europe is “pluralistic” and that everyone must work to make sure that the rights of minorities are guaranteed. “We will not be able to achieve European cohesion if the autonomous communities don't make an effort to resolves issues of internal coexistence,” said Moragues. He added that the Balearics always had demonstrated its “European vocation”, owing to the fact that the future of the community was linked to the future of Europe.

Moragues said that the new Statue of Autonomy offered a series of possibilities that would allow the Balearics to “defend our interests with greater force” without colliding with Europe.