A MONTH ago today, the Balearic contingent of soldiers left for Kosovo to participate in the UN peacekeeping operation.
Since then Group Baleares II has been involved in helping refugees and destroying weaponry, as well as protecting against the illegal felling of trees. The soldiers have also been involved in protecting important heritage sites.

During their month in Kosovo, according to military sources in Base España in Istok, the soldiers have managed “to maintain a stable and secure environment that has permitted freedom of movement and peaceful coexistence”. The group has also put in place the Cervantes programme in a local school to promote and teach Spanish culture and helped set up a number of local radio stations for Serbs, Bosnians and Albanians.

Base España has also been chosen for discussions on various security issues between representatives of the residents of Istok, the Serb and Bosnian communities, the UN and the OSCE.