THE main street in Andratx, the Avenida Juan Carlos I, will remain closed to traffic until at least July.
The street is being closed off as part of the continuing work to redirect the Puig des Cornador stream.
The section that is being closed off stretches between the roundabout in front of Caprabo and the Avenida de la Curia.
Access will be granted to residents of the street and the emergency services only.
The streets perpendicular to this stretch of the main road, Arxiduc, Conqueridor and Pare Joan will also be closed off to the public.
Andratx Council has put in place an alternative route through the town, which passes through the Calles Son Prim, La Habana, Galicia and Cuba y Libertad. The reopening of the Calle Metge Gaspar Pujol, after the completion of works, is also expected to alleviate the traffic problems in the town.

The Head of Planning in Andratx Council, Epifanio Méndez, highlighted the importance of the project to redirect the stream through the town, which began in the middle of last February.

He said a large part of the town would now be able to access the water system because of the works.
He said that the Local Police is working to reorder traffic through the middle of the town.
The police are also reordering the bus stops that run along the street.
The work to channel the stream under the town will open up 800 metres of trenches in the middle of Andratx in total.
The work on the section along the Avenida Juan Carlos I is the final part to be done.