Palma.—During the six years that Josh Rowan has lived on the island he has been heavily involved in safety and saving lives, first as a lifeguard and then as an ambulance technician.

The 25-year-old originally from Scunthorpe has been on the frontline and has seen for himself where improvements can be made. Now, he is proposing that two ambulance cars are on permanent standby in the municipality, if his party, Convergencia, formly the Majorcan Unionists (UM) are elected into power at the local elections next weekend.

The ambulance cars, which would be fully equipped and staffed by trained technicians, would add a rapid response element to the emergency services in the Calvia area. “I have done all the planning and the project is ready to go, it could be introduced shortly after the election,” said the British candidate who is 23 on the list for the Convergencia in the Calvia.

Josh is convinced that lives could be saved and serious injuries avoided if his brainchild comes into being. The two cars and their teams would be based in the lower and upper end of Calvia and ready to act immediately.

Josh, whose list of life saving qualifications are almost as long as his arm, says that there have been instances in Calvia over recent years which have shown the need for a service of this kind.

The ambulance cars would be equipped with, advanced first aid kit, oxygen therapy equipment (used in resuscitation and to give oxygen through a mask ,defibrillator, ECG (used to look at and read the heart), machine for checking glucose levels, pulsioxemeter (used to take pulse readings and oxygen levels), Fernikit (used for removing people trapped in a car after an accident), Collapsible stretcher, spinal board, neck collars, various splints, Collapsible transport seat (like a wheelchair) GPS, and personal protection equipment.

Josh got involved with the Convergencia de las Illes because he claims that the mainstream parties are not working both in Madrid and on the Calvia council.

Their other proposals for non-Spanish residents in the municipality include setting up a series of offices to help expatriates intergrate into the municipality.

Convergencia, which was reborn after alleged corruption allegations tarnished the Majorcan Unionists,. has a number of non-Spanish standing for election in the Calvia area.