THE immigration legalisation process has come to an end and the difference in the number of legal foreign workers in the islands has been significantly changed. There are now approximately 20'000 more foreign people legally workers affiliated to the Social Security system compared to when the immigration process started back in February. This equates to more than 60'000 foreign workers in the Balearic Islands, accorded to statistics from the Ministry for Work and Social Matters. The majority of these changes are due to workers from countries outside the EU, who can now legally work on the islands. More legalisation requests were received from Morrocans, followed by Ecuadorians. The number of EU workers did not significantly change and Germans still lead the table, with 6'991 workers signed up to the Social Security system.
The statistics show a curious fact; the number of workers in the domestic service has increased from 145 to 3'318.
The construction industry actually employs the most foreign workers, followed by the hotel industry.