Palma.—The Guardia Civil murder squad yesterday began searching an estate called Son Llebre in Son Ferrer, for the body of a woman apparently murdered in 1997.

Initially, it was thought that Maria Pujol Escala went missing but new evidence has come to light suggesting that she was in fact murdered by her husband, Jaime.

The couple worked on the estate and the stepmother of a local neighbour and her brothers, came forward claiming that they know where the victim is buried but have been keeping their allegations quiet for decade for fears of reprisals from the alleged suspect.

Apparently, it was known that Jaime would regularly beat his wife and, unable to take any more, simply fled.
But now it appears that she was killed and her body was burnt on the estate where her bones are buried.
A team, of special sniffer dogs have been flown into help from Madrid.
The search continues.