Staff Reporter THE residents in Majorca worry more about the opportunity to buy a home, economical future, roads and immigration, according to a survey conducted by Gadeso during April.

The fear of international terrorist attacks has disappeared from the Majorcan list for the first time in the last year, which featured because of the March 11, 2004 attack in Madrid.

The worries for residents in Majorca, as well as residents in the other Balearic islands, are different to those found on the peninsula.. Those residents worry more about unemployment and terrorism, followed closely by immigration and housing worries.

More residents in the Balearic Islands consider their economical future to be a top worry. This in fact has passed from the fourth to the second place in one year.

These economical fears are a result of the Balearic economy, which is falling behind other Spanish regions; least GDP growth in 2004; decrease in productivity, largest bank debts, pensions being 9.6 percent lower and very high income needed to be able to purchase a home.

Therefore, the survey recommends that the economical strategies are modified so that there is bigger growth in productivity and more investment in new technologies.

Immigration is a problem that worries residents in Majorca and features fourth on the list, however the survey discovered that this is more of a problem for the residents in Palma and in other urban areas, where many immigrants live.

For residents in Minorca, housing is the top worry, followed by outside transport (such as ships and planes). Also on the Minorcan list is the problems with economical futures and island transport. Transport is seen as a problem because for one part there are no train services, and on the other part, because of the lack of efficient public transport.

Currently Minorca is in the best position when it comes to productivity, although some sectors are now “in serious danger”, according to Gadeso.
The milk and cheese industries are not doing well at the moment in Minorca, because of the difficulty to access foreign markets. The furniture and jewellery industries are not enjoying much success either due to the competition from Asian markets
However, Minorca is in a good position with regards to tourism, as there has been an increase of mainly British tourists in the last few years.