Joan Collins CARLYLE, the British investment company has signed an exclusive agreement to take over control of the travel division of the Majorcan tourism group Iberostar, whose President is Miguel Fluxa, for more than 900 million euros. This division is composed of the companies Iberojet, Viva Tours, Solplan, Iberojet International and Turavia. Also included is the entire network of travel agencies, among them Viajes Iberia, the airline Iberworld and the cruise company Iberojet Cruceros. The final contract will be signed as soon as possible after the Fluxa family, owners of the Iberostar group, had approved Carlyle's bid, which was higher than the bids from the other companies Apax, Bridgepoint and Vista Capital. The news was confirmed yesterday by the head of the air division, Gabriel Subias, who will be the new managing director of this division once it is under the control of Carlyle. Subias has also become a shareholder. “Everything has happened very quickly, which surprised us, but we are very content with the outcome and with the role of the Fluxa family in the success of this bid”, he said. The only part of Iberostar not to be taken over by Carlyle is the hotel division, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, which has around 100 holiday complexes in thirteen countries, with 58'000 beds in total. With the more than 900 million euros which they will get from the sale, the Fluxa family will be able to pursue an ambitious business expansion plan, with a big extension to their chain of hotels (with the buying of sites in the Caribbean and Latin America) as well as starting new businesses in the tourism sector. Carlyle is one of the most prestigious investment companies in the world.