TEN British youths appeared before a court on Sunday accused of starting a pitched battle in Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf.
The first incident took place in the Red Lion bar and the second in the Big Dog bar on the same street. The fighters allegedly destroyed furniture then spilled out into the street where, according to eye witnesses, they continued to throw tables and chairs at each other. Police sources said that the first Guardia Civil patrol to arrive on the scene got the worst of it, as both groups attacked them with everything they could lay their hands on and even tried to overturn their jeep. The officers radioed for urgent reinforcements and the next patrol to arrive charged at their attackers with batons. For half an hour this Magalluf street was converted into a Majorcan wild west, until finally ten of the men were arrested. The Guardia Civil said that all of them resisted arrest and half of them lost their shirts. On Sunday morning, the ten accused appeared before the court in Via Alemania to make statements before the judge. They were handcuffed in pairs and closely watched by Guardia Civil officers. The magistrate imposed a bond of 3'000 euros to pay for the damage caused and they were all allowed to go free, but with charges.