SA Pobla yesterday registered the highest temperature on Majorca with 29.1 degrees Celsius while in the observatory in Porto Pi in Palma the temperature reached 25.4 degrees. “These are quite high temperatures, although temperatures of this nature are not unusual for this time of the year”, according to the director of the Balearic Meteorological Centre, Agusti Janca. Throughout yesterday the weather was fine and sunny.
Skies were mainly clear and blue although on occasions there were some intervals of high cloud.
Temperatures rose slightly during the day to very pleasant levels. Winds were light to moderate from the east and south east, with the occasional breeze. For today, the National Institute of Meteorology predicts another agreeable day with clear blue skies overall.
However, there may again be intervals of high cloud at times.
The weathermen predict another slight rise in temperatures.
Again there will be light to moderate winds from the east and south east.
In the rest of Spain yesterday it was cloudy in the north east, with light showers on the Galician coast.
The rest of the Peninsula had little cloud but in the mid north storms in mountain regions were predicted.
The Canaries had a cloudy day, more so in the western islands.
Temperatures rose slightly and the wind was variable.