THE Balearic Government yesterday signed a collaboration agreement with the “Association of Families of People with Alzheimers on Majorca” (AFAM), through which they will give a total of 111'280 euros to improve the quality of life for those affected by this disorder. The agreeement was signed by the deputy leader of the Balearic Government, Rosa Estaras, and by the President of AFAM, Guillermo Ramon.
Estaras explained that the Association, which has its Day Centre in the old Military Hospital in Palma, was created in 1994 with the aim of defending the rights of those suffering from this disorder, and to assess and help the families or legal representatives of people suffering from Alzheimers, and also to make the population and public and private institutions aware of the problems which this disability generates.
Among the services offered are legal assessment, psychological help, and training courses.