THE Balearic Government, through the Ministry of Work and Training, will give financial help, of up to 175 euros a month, to some 1'000 working mothers who have asked for a reduction in their working hours so that they can care for their children of up to six years old. The sum being set aside for this is one million euros, which is an increase of 250'000 euros in comparison with 2005.
According to the Minister, Cristobal Huguet, the number of beneficiaries is also expected to rise this year, making it possible that some 1'000 mothers could receive this help, which will vary with the age of the children, with a maximum of 2'100 euros annually for working mothers with children of up to one year old, and 1'260 euros for mothers with children of up to six years old. As part of the measures which the Balearic Government is introducing to help the conciliation of working and family life, the Balearic Minister for Sport and the President's Office, Rosa Puig, the Minister of Work and Training, and the director of the Institute for Women, Isabel Llinas, yesterday signed a collaboration agreement which includes joint action on sexual equality within the family and the workplace. Rosa Puig said that this agreement is another step along the way in the Balearic Government's policy to promote equality and which will be reflected in the future “Women's Law”, which will shortly get the approval of the Balearic Parliament. She also highlighted the efforts put into the agreement, referring to the promotion and carrying out of awareness campaigns.