THE airline Spanair will, from June, increase their number of flights from Minorca to Madrid and Barcelona, with a minimum of two flights per day.
With this move, the airline (part of the SAS group) is hoping to increase the number of passengers on their regular flights to Mahon by 30 percent by the end of the year. If they succeed they will have transported 200'000 passengers. “The advance in our flight operations and the increase in our flights to Minorca will strengthen our position in the Balearic Islands”, said the director general of Spanair, Lars Nygaard. Spanair are thus increasing their presence in the Balearics. In April they launched regular flights to Mahon and they flew between Ibiza and Barcelona all through the winter. “Our intention is to continue improving our position in the three Balearic islands”. “We haven't ruled out maintaining the connections between Mahon and Madrid and Barcelona all year round, as we did with Ibiza last year”.
By doing this we will be satisfying the demand from the Minorcan market”, explained Nygaard.