MORE than 2'000 people in Palma suffered powercuts after an excavator perforated an electricity cable in Calle Manuel Azaña.
The incident caused a certain amount of alarm, as three detonations were heard.
Two of the workers on the site said that they had been left dazed, but were uninjured.
The petrol station opposite traffic headquarters was left without light, as were many businesses and premises in the Poligono de Levante, and the area around Plaza Weyler. The fault was repaired relatively quickly.
The Local Police received many calls from pedestrians and residents in Calle Manuel Azaña and for more than ten minutes had to regulate traffic, as some of the traffic lights had been temporarily knocked out of action. GESA, the power company, restored its service in stages.
Workers on the building site were able to resume work within half an hour.