THE left-wing coalition Bloc per Mallorca plans to introduce a tourist tax to raise funds for environmental projects, regulate all inclusive holidays and reconvert the tourist sector, giving priority to hotels rather than residential tourism.
Plans were revealed by Biel Barceló, the candidate to lead the Balearic government at a rally held at the Soller train station.
He explained that the tourist tax would be levied on visitors arriving by sea and by air. Residents would also be liable to pay, but the tax would be returned to them in the same way that toll fees are. He added that the funds would be used to restore, repair and preserve the environment and the patrimony.
The number of places for all inclusive holidays would be limited, he said, and standards of quality would be set, defining the minimum services which must be provided. As to reconversion, Barceló said that a specific plan would be drawn up which will include the demolition of obsolete hotels. The sites would then become public areas where no building would be allowed, and they would only be converted into residential areas as an exception.