THE National Police have opened a full investigation in to what sparked a riot involving 300 Ecuadorians on Sunday night.
Three people were arrested, one man rushed to hospital and various members of the National Police riot squad injured in the clashes which broke out in Krekovic Park, to the rear of the Llevant Industrial estate. According to the police, clashes broke out after a National Police patrol, responding to an earlier fight in the park, was set upon by a group of Ecuadorians.

Police back up was called for as the officers already on the ground tried to proceed with their duties and arrest one of the individuals involved in the fight.

It was at this point some 300 Ecuadorians surrounded the police and bombarded them with abuse, threats and bottles.
The Guardia Civil and police support eventually reached the scene and the situation brought under control.
However, a number of police officers were injured.
Sources close to the investigation explained yesterday that the cause is thought to have been a mixture of alcohol and football - police are also following up claims that the clash involved two rival groups of Barcelona and Real Mallorca supporters.