STAFF REPORTER SINCE last April when Palma City Council set up new wi-fi zones in particular areas of the capital, the facilities have attracted over 6'800 users, a spokesman confirmed yesterday.

Readings taken show that from inception of the service until 14th May, over 3'800 people used wi-fi in Plaza Joan Carles, nearly 1'700 in Parc de Llevant, 1076 in s'Escorxador and 111 in Centre Flassaders.

In order to use wi-fi in any of these areas, surfers need to activate connection through their mobile telephones, laptops, MP3, notebook and gain access to a “welcome” website in Catalan, Castillian and English which gives basic information about Palma and on the wi-fi zone in question.

There is a connection limit of 30 minutes but users wanting to continue on the internet can simply reconnect through the wi-fi facilities. The spokesman said that there is a large difference in the wi-fi areas of how users connect to the internet. In Plaza Joan Carles 1, connection is mostly made by mobile phone whilst in the Parc de Llevant, a residential area, far more use is made of computers.