Palma.—According to the European Commission's annual Eurobarometer survey, 22 per cent of British people look to spend some time at the beach during their main holidays this year. On the Beach, one of the UK's leading online travel agencies, say this is thanks to the many opportunities for rest and relaxation available on holidays to Majorca, Greece, Turkey and other popular seaside destinations.

30 '000 polled
The data comes from a wide-ranging survey conducted by Eurobarometer, a public opinion monitoring program run by the European Commission.
It polled 30'000 people over 15 years of age in all EU states.
Spending time at the beach was the second most popular reason to go on holiday for respondents from the United Kingdom, preceded only by rest and relaxation which was highlight by 41 per cent of those surveyed.

Alistair Daly, Marketing Director of On the Beach, says: “These numbers are not overly surprising to us, as our customers are always very focused on getting away to sunny destinations on the continent. “In fact, it seems to have become a tradition for many families to travel to the seaside at least once a year -- and, thanks to low prices and cheap packages, these holidays are open to everyone.” Relaxing
Daly believes this popularity owes to relaxing atmosphere of beachside resorts.
He comments: “Holidays to places like Ibiza, Majorca and the Greek islands truly have everything people need to relax: great hotels, fun restaurants and gorgeous weather ensure that our customers get the chance to unwind and pamper themselves. “With these attractions it is no surprise that so many Britonss are intent on travelling to the beach.” And, villas in Spain may be in for a popularity boost, figures from Co-operative Travel suggests.
A poll by the firm has found that Spain is one of the four countries that account for more than half of all holidays sold in the UK.
The popularity of villas in Spain with holidaymakers may be the result of familiarity with the country and its customs.
Spain took 29.05 per cent of the votes for the best overseas destination