Palma.—Calvia Council announced yesterday that it is going to offer a set of fiscal incentives to encourage business to stay open longer, offer more long term contracts as part of a scheme to extend the holiday season.

The Council will also be offering the same incentives to people wishing to start up a new business and create new jobs.
Apart from prolonging the tourist season, the Council also believes that these measures will also serve to help to get people back into work and cut the local rate of unemployment. In order for a business to be granted fiscal incentives for employment, it has to be offering contracts which run for at least seven months and be full time.

The Council is able to offer these fiscal incentives as a result of a wave of tough cuts to public spending over the past two years and the introduction of tight restrictions and controls and spending.

This Summer season is expected to be a long one with a high level of British bookings all the way through to October and November.