BUILDERS in the Balearic Islands have been complaining about the fact that they are not allowed to carry on with construction works during the busy tourist season between May to October. The President of the Balearic Building Association, Sebastian Pastor, reproached the way that the majority of coastal town councils fordid a “good number” of activities in the construction section to take place for six months of the year. Many of these construction works “do not bring with them problems or inconveniences for residents or tourists” Sebastian Pastor added.
The President of the Balearic Building Association unleashed his thoughts at the 2005 Balearic Economy Forum, that was held yesterday at the Hotel Melia Victoria in Palma. The construction sector is the second most important in the Balearic economy, after tourism, and many of the business people in the construction industry are worried about these restrictions, he said. These restrictions limit the amount of economic growth on the islands, Pastor commented.
In fact the industry has made it possible for the Balearic economy to flourish and grow in the last couple of years, he said.
His speech, under the umbrella for “Balearic Infrastructures, Buildings and Communications”, was attended by the Minister for Public Works, Mabel Cabrer. It is important that a Official Registry of Construction Companies is created in the next few months, suggested Pastor.
It must be a obligatory requirement for all building companies in the Balearic Islands who wish to carry on working here, to list themselves on this registry, Pastor said. The Register should also stiplicate that all construction companies should have a minimum amount of training and experience in the industry.
If this Official Register was created, then it would guarantee control in the construction sector, which does not exist at the moment, Pastor concluded.