REPRESENTATIVES of the 10 associations which form the civil platform “Save Majorca” yesterday presented to the Balearic Parliament the petition of 34'000 signatures which they had collected during the last three months in support of a “people's legislative initiative” to try to stop the “territorial aggression” (a reference to the Government's ambitious road building plans) in the Balearics.
The President of the environmental group GOB, Macia Blazquez, described the number of signatures as “historic” as it had exceeded the number of signatures of all the campaigns which they had carried out in the Balearics. “Save Majorca” tripled the 10'000 signatures necessary to present a text as a “people's legislative initiative”, said Blazquez. He explained that the main object of this initiative is to create a “new territorial culture” and to protect natural spaces with the aim of stopping the policies of destruction which, in his opinion, the Balearic Government is promoting. He expressed his hope that this initiative would make the Balearic Government review its policies of constructing motorways, golf courses, and ports.