THE Balearic Diabetic Association will offer help, via psychological and nutrition assessments, to parents of diabetic children to make sure that these children receive “adequate” attention and thus improve their quality of life
This was announced yesterday by the doctor and member of the committee of the Balearic Diabetic Association, Pedro Vidal at a press conference.
According to Manuela de la Vega, President of the Association, some 6 percent of the Balearic population is receiving treatment for diabetes, whether via insulin injections or oral medicines. This amounts to 60'000 Balearic residents out of a total population of one million. The agreement, she said, will pay “special attention” to children with the disease. Also, the association will start projects directed at helping diabetic children in schools. In addition to this, they will take a poll among scholars from the ages of 6 to 14 to determine the number of children who suffer from diabetes. She said that this would enable them to better assess how to help parents to help their diabetic children and to assure them that schools are prepared to cope with this illness.