SOME 59 percent of Balearic students think that being listened to and accepted by the other person is essential when it comes to choosing a friend.
However, 38 percent put empathy above these factors and say that someone you get on well with is the most important thing to look for when choosing a friend. These are the facts that came to light in a poll conducted by Aldeas Infantiles SOS, among more than 24'000 pupils, as part of their educational programme about values. This programme seeks to encourage tolerance, respect and friendship in the different aspects of the children's lives.
The poll says that some 30 percent of the students on the islands consider that their parents always take their opinions into account and the majority think that their families are the “most respectful and tolerant” people who are closest to them. Nevertheless, when talking about friendship, some 63 percent of those questioned said they would “always” defend their colleagues, even if it could harm them, while 16 percent would only do this if they considered the person a “friend”. Seven out of every 10 pupils respect the opinions of their friends even if they are different from their own.
However, some 12 percent admitted that they “get angry” if their friends think differently from them.
The poll indicates that 86 percent of children think that “all people should be treated equally”.
When a colleague does something that annoys them, the majority of pupils forgive and forget (63 percent), while some 19 percent admitted they applied the law of “an eye for an eye”. With regard to playing games together, six out of 10 Balearic children say that they always “have a good time”. Some 27 percent said that they didn't mind playing the game chosen by the majority.
At the same time, the poll says that sportspeople (especially footballers) and singers are the most popular personalities that children would like to have as friends. Ronaldhino is the favourite with 20 percent of children wanting him for a friend. He is followed by Fernando Alonso with 12 percent.
After Alonso comes Iker Casillas with 11 percent.
Other popular personalities such as singers Shakira and David Bisbal are also on the list of famous people that children would like to have as friends.