THE flooding of a small Palma hotel in the early hours of Monday morning was due to a blockage in a nearby drain.
Yesterday, experts from Palma Council, the Council of Majorca, hydraulic engineers and members of the fire brigade worked to restore normality to the Hostal Pinar.

On Monday morning, the heavy rains caused a flood that led to the collapse of a wall and the overflowing of a nearby stream that caused panic among guests and resulted in signficant material damage.

A team from the fire brigade yesterday discovered the cause of the flooding when they inspected the local drainage system. The water channel in a section of the drain close to the hotel had become blocked with rocks, earth and building material.

Yesterday the owner of the hotel described the flooding. “On Monday we went through a very bad time. At 6.30 in the morning, the wall beside the swimming pool in the hotel collapsed and there were scenes of panic. The customers in the nine rooms on the lower floor got up and started running in alarm, looking for shelter. One customer in his underwear and with water all over him was knocking on doors getting the tourists out of their rooms. Better to forget it. It was horrible,” said Soledad Salvà, daughter-in-law of the owners.

The customers have now been given different rooms and the damage is being assessed.