FIVE Majorcan art galleries will participate, as the only Spanish representatives, in the 5th international Korean fair “Fair Kiaf” which will be held from May 26 to May 30 and which, with the presence of a total of 120 galleries from 10 countries, is trying to promote the creation and continuity of contemporary art, according to Joan Gual, President of the Majorcan Chamber of Commerce. He was speaking during the presentation of the event, adding that with Majorca's presence at the fair they were hoping to “draw the attention” of the Koreans to the possibilites of the island as a tourist resort, as well as to build a closer commercial relationship with the asiatic country. Gual, who repeated the necessity for companies to “go out to other countries”, said that Korea is an “absolutely dynamic” country and has recovered from the financial crisis it suffered in 1997 and, he added, is becoming a “very important” tourism target market. The main holiday destination for the Koreans at the moment is China, but they also go to Japan, the United States and, lately, Europe. The Majorcan galleries taking part are the Centre La Real, Pelaires, Aba Art Contemporani, Private Property and Arte Ignorante S.L. Their products will be exhibited before various personalities, collectors and experts, among others.