By Humphrey Carter

THE quality of bathing water at 145 Balearic beaches is under close scrutiny again this summer and here in Majorca 115 quality control stations have been set up.

For the second consecutive year, the Majorcan Tourist Board is helping to cover the costs of the summer control operation which is carried out by the Balearic Health Ministry.

The tourist board has invested 20'000 euros and agreed to pay for one of the eleven quality control inspectors which are carrying out the regular checks on bathing water quality at a variety of beaches.

The water samples taken are analysed by the health department's laboratories in Palma and the results are updated on a daily basis on the Ministry for Health's web site.

The water checks actually started on April 1 and will continue to be carried out until October 31 and, until now, all but two of the Balearics's beaches has met the necessary standards.

The two beaches which have failed are in Minorca.
Last year, the biggest problem in Majorca was caused by sewage leaking into the sea in Camp de Mar, closing the beach, near Andratx but there were also problems reported in the Port of Pollensa, Cala Antena in Manacor and the small beach in Portals Nous.