THE toll on the Soller tunnel has gone up slightly for some categories of users since the 5th of this month, reflecting an annual cost of living index rise of 1.03 percent.

People who are not resident in Soller or Fornalutx are those who will most feel the pinch of the price hike. The toll for motorbikes (Category 1) went up to 1.80 euros at the beginning of the month, five cents more than the cost in 2009.

In 2008 and 2009, the price kept steady at 1.75 euros but has gone up slightly this year.

Private cars (Category 2) are also now paying 5 cents more. The cost has gone up from 4.45 euros to 4.50. So that now, going to and returning from Soller using the tunnel costs 9 euros .

The toll for lorries and coaches with one axle (Category 3) and which belong to companies not having their premises in Soller or Fornalutx, has now gone up to 7.05 euros per journey instead of 6.95, 10 cents more. Those vehicles with a double axle (Category 4) will be paying 8 euros instead of 7.90 euros.

Meanwhile, tariffs for residents in Soller and Fornalutx have hardly undergone any changes at all. The toll for motorbikes, private cars, coaches and double-axled lorries remains the same as it was in 2009.

Motorbike riders will continue paying 0.45 euros, private cars 1.15 euros and the largest types of coach and lorries, 2.05 euros. Only single-axled coaches and lorries will need to pay 5 cents more, with the toll increasing from 1.75 euros to 1.80 per journey.

Jordi Ferrer who runs the Soller tunnel management company said that the toll revision is “hardly spectacular” but it is what has been stipulated in the management contract. He pointed out that the toll tariff for residents has remained unchanged for three years.

Speaking of the reform works in the tunnel to stop leaking, Ferrer said that there still remains some “fine-tuning” to do, but the shoring up work recent completed wasn't adversely affected by recent rain, he claimed.