Palma.—Inca Hospital staff mounted a protest yesterday against the sacking of their director, Fernando Navarro, and the disciplinary action being taken in connection with the recent death of the illegal Senegalese immigrant, Alpha Pam, from tuberculosis.

The Ministry of Health is investigating the hospital's head of admissions, and the nurse and doctor who treated the patient who did not have a medical card.

The Minister for Health, Marti Sansaloni, has made it clear that the reason for the immigrant's death as that despite two previous visits to a PAC medical centre, his tuberculosis was not diagnosed until it was too late.

The Partido Popular yesterday ruled out a public inquiry into Pam's death, despite calls for one from opposition parties and a number of immigrant associations.

Union representative, Milagros Alfageme, said that everybody involved in the case acted correctly and everything was done by the book. “If this has become a political issue, they should not be turning it into a witch hunt amongst the medical staff,” she added. “We, the medical staff, have enough pressure to handle on a day to day basis because of the severe cuts to the health service, we don't need to be dragged into some political dispute.” “One thing is perfectly clear, doctors and nurses treat their patients exactly the same whether they have a medical card or not,” she added.