Palma.—The biggest gastronomic event in Spain returns to Palma this week with more than 100 tons of seafood and 40'000 bottles of Albariño wine.
For the third consecutive year, MarisGalicia will be open in the capital from May 24 until June 16.
A 1'200 square metre marquee is being erected to house the massive seafood fair on the Levante industrial estate near the site of the unfinished Palma convention centre.

Organisers of the event are expecting around 150'000 people to head to the seafood spectacle which will offer 40 different traditional Galician dishes as well as a recession-busting special menu of 43 euros for two people which includes lobster, crabs, crayfish, prawns, mussels cooked in vinaigrette and a crab platter.

There will be seating for 1'000 people at any one time and a fleet of lorries is going to be bring fresh seafood from Galicia to feed the thousands.
Manuel Gomez, coordinator of the event said: “We are delighted to be returning to Palma. “We know that the people of Majorca love their seafood and we are so pleased to be able to offer them the very best and we hope that every one who comes to the fair will leave satisfied.” We will be bringing tons of fresh seafood to Palma every day in special lorries and means that visitors will be able to enjoy the very best fresh seafood at affordable prices,” Gomez added.

Visitors will also be able to win a free weekend in Galicia including a tour of the famous Pazo vineyard.