BRITISH resident Elizabeth Musselwhite is standing for the Unió Mallorquina, Majorca Union party, in Alaro.
Musselwhite has lived in Majorca for 20 years, but only recently joined the UM, primarily to help the party canvas the foreign vote for Sunday's election. “The party is a member of the International Liberals and I found its policies closest to my political beliefs. As a teenager in Cornwall I was an active member of the Liberal Party,” she said yesterday. She has been canvassing door-to-door and has called in on practically all of the 103 foreign voters. “Many have been surprised at first, but then impressed that the party has bothered to field a foreign candidate to serve the foreign electorate.” Canvassing has also been a learning experience for Musselwhite, she has learnt about the concerns of the electorate, in particular parking, water and noise but also that there are many more foriegn residents who are entitled to vote but have not enrolled and over the next four years, one of her main tasks, apart from acting as a voice for foreign residents in Alaro, is to make sure everyone entitled to vote will do so at the next election. “I believe foreign residents should vote, we all pay rates and taxes, it's silly not to,” she said. The UM has published its party manifesto in three languages, including English, but Musselwhitle has also been handing out the Alaro party's manifesto in English. She denies that the UM is a nationalist party which believes “Majorca for the Majorcans”, “the party considers everyone who lives in Majorca to be a Majorcan and cares about them all. I'm very impressed with Munar (party leader) she speaks well, she's very forceful and elegant, she would make a very good president of the Balearics.”