THE Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, yesterday chaired his final council meeting before he steps down tomorrow having decided not to stand for re-election. Urban development and environmental matters dominated the meeting yesterday with the Son Muntaner Golf project being approved, amongst other decisions.
Joan Fageda brought the meeting to close, the new council will not sit again until June 14, after 12 years as the Mayor of Palma.
He told the council chamber that it has been a “great pleasure” to have served the city and its people while having worked alongside side many councillors. After the session, he told reporters that his three terms as mayor have been “extremely satisfying,” adding that he has been on the city council for 20 years including eight as a councillor before being elected Mayor. “I will cherish many fond memories of the past two decades and the great level of co-operation achieved between all the various parties and councillors over the years.” For the mayor, Fageda left his post saying “having won the confidence, with absolute majorities over the past three terms, has been a great honour, the biggest anyone could wish for.”