Joan Collins GESA Endesa, the power company, is to invest 363.7 million euros in Majorca in 2006, some 92 percent more than last year, which will be mainly channelled into improving the electricity distribution networks (257 million euros), as the demand for energy on the island has grown by 23.4 percent in the last five years. The company said that, with the investment planned for the improvement of the electricity infrastructures on Majorca, the reliability and quality of the supply will be very much improved and superior to other systems on the island. They added that the demand for electricity had increased on the island by 4.7 percent in 2005 in comparison with 2004. So Gesa Endesa will make a total investment of 495 million euros in the Balearics, most of it being destined for Majorca where the electricity side of the business has 484'920 clients, while they have 624'983 clients throughout the whole of the Balearics. The increase in clients during the 2001-2005 period was 9.4 percent in Majorca and 9.7 percent throughout the Balearics. The Majorcan towns which have experienced a major growth in demand in the last five years are: Buger (78.7 percent); Sineu (77 percent); Consell (49 percent); Selva (47 percent); Algaida (46 percent); Marratxi (45 percent); Manacor, Sant Joan, Alaro, Lloret de Vistalegre, Maria de la Salud and Santa Eugenia (43 percent). Gesa Endesa is planning work on the high voltage electricity distribution networks on Majorca, centred on changing the double circuit conductor in the Son Reus Poligono power station (66Kw); an increase in the power of the Son Reus substation (220/66Kw); the creation of two new substations in Cas Tresorer and Bunyola; the reform of parks and power surge protection installations in the substations of Bessons and Valldurgent, as well as the acquisition of a mobile substation for emergencies. With regard to the planned work on the medium voltage distribution networks, new lines will be installed from the substations of Calvia, Andratx, Sant Joan de Due, Inca, Pollensa, Cala Millor and Santa Catalina; conductors will be changed on stretches of the lines between Son Granada and Arenal, Palacio and Molines, Cala Blanca and Andratx, within Pobla, between Puerto and Alcudia, and Landa and Llucmajor; new interconnections will be created on the lines from Peguera to Calvia, Orient to Alfabia to Bunyola, and Torrevella to Poligono. As for the work done in 2005, the high voltage networks were improved by increasing the power of various substations. For the medium voltage networks, new 15 kilowatt lines were put into the substations of Manacor, Andratx and Cala Millor, conductors were changed at various points on Majorca, and voltage regulators were installed in the lines from Algaida to Llucmajor and from Banyos to Santanyi.