THE Club de Mar in Palma has carried out a simulated evacuation as part of its safety plan.
The simulation took place during a recent seminar devoted to safety and security at the club for members of staff.
Participants were first of all brought up to speed on the best practice in theory before taking part in practical exercises to familiarise themselves with what they should do in the case of an emergency.

A number of simulations also took place during the day. Staff and guests were evacuated during a simulation of a fire in the Club de Mar itself. A propane burner and a smoke machine was used to make the simulation seem as real as possible. There was also a simulation of an oil spill in the sea to practise how to deal with an environmental emergency. All of the actions carried out during the day were as outlined in the safety and emergency plans of the nautical clubs in the Balearics. The ability to respond to accidents quickly and efficiently is the key to preventing them spiralling out of control.

Employees of other nautical clubs such as Arenal, Sa Ràpita, Alcudiamar and El Portixol - as well as employees of nautical companies Varadero Palma and Trapsa - joined with staff at the Club de Mar to participate in the seminar.

The simulations took place under the supervision of the Guardia Civil, the Fire Brigade and representatives of the port, the ports authority and Balearic Association of Nautical Clubs.