AT least 60 dogs have been removed from an attic apartment after their owner gave into complaints from neighbours in calle Sant Llorenç in the Puig de Sant Pere neighbourhood near La Lonja.

Their elderly owner Vicente has lived with his dogs for years but this week gave in to complaints and agreed to have the animals removed and taken to the Son Reus municipal dog pound.

Neighbours complained about the smell and the noise and even Vicente, clearly upset over losing his dogs, admitted that the apartment had grown far too small for all of them.

He was not even too sure how many dogs he owned but he was adamant that he looked after each and every one and that they were all well fed and healthy.
He said that many were abandoned and taken in off the streets and others had been rescued by friends and handed over into his good care.
It took four Son Reus dog pound employees over two hours to remove the dogs in two vans. He said that he has been give assurances that none of the dogs will be put down.