INCA court number seven has been charged with the investigation into Wednesday morning's rail accident which injured 30 people, including the driver who remained in a critical condition after having under gone an emergency operation on Wednesday at Son Dureta Hospital.

The derailment of the Manacor to Palma train at 6.43am just 100 metres outside Sineu station is said to have been caused by part of the railway siding which gave way over Tuesday night and fell across the track.

Initial inspections by engineers failed to discover any cracks in the rest of the concrete wall and suspect that the area which collapsed across the track may have done so because of the recent heavy rains.

However, the train's black box is being carefully examined and this is expected to answer all the questions outstanding about the derailment which left the driver of the train in a coma after suffering severe head injuries.

Most of the other 29 injured had been discharged from hospital by yesterday lunchtime.
11 were treated for minor injuries at the scene or at the local medical centres.
The railway service remains suspended.