By Humphrey Carter

THIS summer, over 300 Local Tourist Police are going to be on the beat in resorts across the Balearics to look after the well being of the millions of holiday makers visiting the region.

The security operation is going to cost nearly four million euros with the Balearic government picking up 75 percent of the bill and participating councils covering the remaining quarter of the costs.

The vast majority, 202, of the Tourist Police are going to be deployed to various areas of Majorca. 34 will be based in Ibiza, 32 Minorca and four on the small island of Formentera.

The summer Tourist Police operation was unveiled yesterday by the President of the Balearics, Francesc Antich, and the Minister for Interior, Pillar Costa, along the Playa de Palma - one of the areas which will have a heavy police presence this summer season.

Antich was praised by the Ministry for Interior and the participating local councils for having made a great effort this year to make the funds available for the Tourist Police considering the financial cut backs the regional and local authorities have been forced to make.

But, Antich stressed that tourism is vital for the Balearics and therefore the safety, security and well being of visitors is absolutely paramount.
The President said that the presence of the Tourist Police on the beat gives holiday makers extra confidence but also added that they play a vital role in helping visitors by being able to provide important information.

Come the peak of the summer, security will be stepped up further with the arrival of Guardia Civil and National Police reinforcements from the mainland.