Palma.—Two men and a woman died yesterday when the light plane in which they were flying crashed on an estate in Marratxi near the Al Campo roundabout.

According to 061 emergency service sources, the fatal crash happened at 17.09 hrs, just nine minutes after the plane carrying two Spaniards, an Argentine and a Colombian, had taken off from Son Bonet airfield.

Sources at the airfield said that it was “on climb out just after take off.” The Cesna 172, owned by Aviation Centre, was being piloted by the 21-year-old man who escaped with his life but was said to have been in a critical condition in Son Llatzer Hospital last night.

The cause of the accident remained a mystery last night but a full investigation was already well under way.
Apparently, the aircraft had travelled seven kilometres before it came down near the Bon Sosec cemetery.
A fleet of ambulances from the 061 emergency service was on the scene within minutes along with paramedics, fire fighters and the police. But, despite the efforts of the medical teams, there was nothing they could have done to have saved the lives of the three victims, a man aged 22 and a couple aged 36, all they could do was stabilise the lone survivor before rushing him to hospital.

A fire fighter who was first on the scene also needed medical treatment for burns suffered as he battled the flames while an eyewitness who rushed to the scene as soon as the plane crashed was treated for the effects of smoke.